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Lake Wausau Association, Inc. was created May 24, 1988 by concerned citizens to address the rights of boaters, property owners, the environment, and the safety of all users on Lake Wausau. The Association was active from 1988 until 2001 when it became inactive as various goals had been fulfilled and member involvement dissipated. In February 2011, the Association was reorganized, again by concerned citizens, to continue its mission...

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Lake Wausau Association, Inc. shall be to protect, maintain, and enhance environmental and recreational values on Lake Wausau and its surroundings; to organize and conduct activities intended to maintain or improve the ecology, water quality, fishing, and recreational use of Lake Wausau; to promote, encourage, and represent the collective interests of the members of the Lake Wausau Association; to obtain and provide to its members, information of concern to the riparian property owners, recreational users of and other organizations and public officials; to solicit, receive, and expend funds, conduct fund-raising activities, enter into contracts, and conduct such other activities as are appropriate to the purpose of and consistent with the nonprofit status of the Assocation.

Click here to download a copy of the Association By-Laws

Since 2001, the weed and algae growth has become a primary concern of Lake property owners and Lake users. Accordingly, the Association has made this matter first priority to be addressed in its order of business.

The Association was formed as a qualified tax-exempt nonprofit organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the IRS code. The activities, administration, and assets of the Association are directed by the Board of Directors who are entirely volunteers. It is supported almost exclusively through member dues and donations which are fully tax deductible. Since its reorganization in 2011, the Association has grown to more than 275 household and business memberships which consists of both riparian and nonriparian owners. Our members receive valuable information pertaining to Lake and water issues through our newsletters, email communications, and access to our website; opportunties to network with other Association members and area elected representatives; and opportunties to become involved in community events and other activities related to improving the quality of our Lake. We welcome and strongly encourage any individual, family, or organization who subscribes to the purpose of the Association to become a member. Click HERE to learn how to become a member today.

Written by Holly on Wednesday December 4, 2019
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